Product Highlight: Crane Pressure Seal Valves

Industrial Valve has Crane pressure seal valves in stock and ready to ship. Available options are disc gate, wedge gate, globe, Y-globe, and tilting disc...
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Product Highlight: Flow-Tek Series M4

Industrial Valve carries several products for severe-service environments, including Flow-Tek Series M4 ball valves from Bray. These quarter-turn valves are suitable for power plant steam...
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We Call This Valve ‘The Beast’

The service side of the valve business is dirty, rough, exhausting, and sometimes dangerous. It takes a special kind of person to work in this...
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Safe Nuclear Power Production Depends on Valve and Actuation Reliability

Planned shutdowns are important for any power production operation, but especially so for nuclear power facilities. Every 18 or 24 months, nuclear plants shut down...
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One Day, Two Technicians, and a Job Well Done

Some valves arrive in our shop looking like they’re destined for the scrap heap, but our technicians love the challenge of refurbishing an aging valve....
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Are You Prepared for an Audit?

It’s a word that can strike fear into any operations manager: Audit! If you’re still using paper travelers and you haven’t been keeping up with...
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Benefits of Paperless Recordkeeping

Paper records have some drawbacks – most notably, they can be easily damaged or misplaced. Plus, handwriting isn’t consistent from person to person, which can...
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Why PSV and PRV Inspection Should be a Priority

If your pressure safety valves seem to be operating normally during routine inline testing, you may think that a thorough inspection isn’t necessary. But some...
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We’re Known for Valves … and Pork Chops

Industrial Valve enjoys supporting good causes in and around Mobile, which is why we’ve been a food sponsor for the annual PEP (Partners for Environmental...
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Valve Reconditioning: An Affordable Alternative to Replacement

When a valve is covered in rust, mineral scale, or a thick layer of oily buildup, you might think it’s too run-down to be reliable....
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