3 ways we save energy, add value

Energy efficiency continues to be an important topic, and Industrial Valve strives to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to monitoring usage, conserving energy, and boosting productivity in our day-to-day operations.


Our motion-activated lighting system is just one way Industrial Valve maximizes energy efficiency. We installed the system in 2015 for the mobile shop and office buildings, enabling the lights to shut off automatically when no motion is detected. 


Digital record-keeping is another vital measure that can help companies save time, space and money. Our Valve Management System (VMS) offers a more practical, secure, and environmentally friendly method of record-keeping, eliminating the paper trail and improving the efficiency of the overall operation. Ask us about implementing VMS for your organization. 

Diagnostics and regular service

Proper valve diagnostics, service, and repair is one more practice that helps conserve energy, by eliminating waste and ensuring systems are performing exactly as they should. Additionally, diagnostics and routine maintenance can help you protect your equipment and your workers from an unplanned outage due to valve failure. 

These practices don’t just help the environment but also add value to our customers as well. By streamlining operations and ensuring the most economical use of our time and resources, we’re able to provide the most reliable service and repairs. Call us and ask how we can make your operation more efficient too.

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