Repair & Machining

During a production cycle, you can’t drop a workflow component in the mail to send it off for repairs or modification. You need an immediate solution. That’s why Industrial Valve has an expert team of field superintendents and technicians that can troubleshoot, repair, modify, or recondition the essential pieces of your system.

Our field superintendents and technicians have over 275 years of combined technical experience. They manage personnel, tooling, testing, and customer service to deliver quality services in the field. Get your operations up and running again with IVS field services.   

What We Do

We offer customized on-site solutions for our customers that include: 


• Machine pump and motor base plate

• Keyways and all other milling applications

• Pipe-Cutting and Beveling

• Ranges from 4″ to 120″

• Hydraulic or pneumatic

• Carbon steel high chrome, stainless steel cutting capabilities

• Counter boring and transitions to meet customer specs

Heat Exchanger

• Resurfacing gasket landings, dollar plates, and tube bundle sheets by means of flange facing and milling

Drilling and Stud Removal

• Drilling and tapping

• Reaming for dowels

• Gamma plugs

• Thermocouples

• Removal of seized, gaulded, and broken studs

Flange Facing

• Ranges from 1″ to 120″

• Meets BS, ANSl, and API specs

• Raised face, full face, and RTJ ring joints

• Resurfacing manway doors

Line Boring

• Valve seal cutting and removal

• Capable of boring bushings and bearing fits

Long-Term Support

In addition to providing on-the-spot solutions for your operations, IVS can perform ongoing maintenance and repairs, conduct pass/fail testing during scheduled outages, and help you anticipate when you’ll need to replace valve assembly components.

Expert field work, 24/7 emergency service, and a vast inventory of products are three factors that set us apart from our competitors. Let’s talk about how we can help you. Call us today!

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