New Safety & Relief Valves

Farris, Crosby, Anderson Greenwood, and more – when you need a new valve or a replacement part, we’ve got you covered! We have a large inventory of OEM SRVs and PRVs, as well as surplus valves and parts for discontinued valve models. Not sure what size you need? Just share your process data with us, and we’ll tell you which valves are compatible with your system.

Surplus Manual, Control & Safety Valves

What do we mean when we say “better than new”? Consider this: Just like newly-manufactured valves, our new surplus valves have never been used and have a full warranty. Our surplus valves have been thoroughly tested and are available at a substantially reduced price. Best of all, you can get surplus valves now, instead of waiting weeks for a newly manufactured valve.

Farris Valve Distributor

With a wealth of experience and expertise, Industrial Valve employs highly trained, factory certified technicians able to repair almost every type and size of control valves and actuators. Control valve brands serviced include: Masoneilan®, Fisher®, Samson®, Copes Vulcan®, and Valtek®. Technicians are skilled in the repair of the Masoneilan S.V.I.® and Fisher Field Vue® Positioners.

Repair-by-Exchange Program

No more short outage headaches while meeting equipment maintenance requirements. The Repair-by-Exchange process supplies a valve for the application needing service at a prorated value of a replacement. Industrial valve will pull the current valve out and install an exchange valve in its place, saving you countless hours of downtime usually associated with required maintenance. Our Repair-by-Exchange program has never failed to meet a time frame set by a customer.
New valves, surplus valves, and replacement parts – we’ve got what you need to keep operations moving!
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