Quality Control

Flawed alloys and incompatible metals can compromise the quality of your product and lead to catastrophic system failures. Are the alloys you purchased exactly what they’re supposed to be? Industrial Valve can determine that for you – we offer on-site positive materials identification (PMI).

Using a state-of-the-art Niton portable alloy analyzer, we can inspect metals and produce the documentation you need to prove regulatory compliance, or to reassure your partners in the supply chain. Our PMI experts can help you avoid problems like weak welds, stress corrosion cracking, and dangerous alloy interactions.

About PMI

PMI has become an integral part of process safety management in petroleum refining and many other industries. Industry organizations have strengthened requirements for metallurgical testing and quality, and companies that can’t document alloy composition may lose out on contracts.

Benefits of PMI testing include:

  • Consistency – components match design specifications
  • Expedited quality control – faster, more accurate materials verification
  • Increased safety – dramatically reduced rate of failure 
  • Enhanced efficiency – parts can be repaired or replaced faster and more reliably
  • Fast, accurate reporting – computer interface generates custom reports
  • Reduced costs – increased reliability and efficiency

With the Niton alloy analyzer, we can examine materials without damaging them.

Our Guarantee

When you order valve assembly replacement parts from us, you can ask us to provide PMI documentation. We want to ensure that every part we sell and install enhances our customers’ operations. 

Our Solutions

When you need to repair, replace, or upgrade a safety valve, we can help you. Our 78,000-square-foot warehouse houses safety valves, actuators – even tiny components like hex nuts – from the name-brand manufacturers you know and trust. Our team of skilled field technicians can perform emergency diagnostics at your worksite, install or remove components, and provide guidance on how to improve your processes. Contact us today!

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