Outage season is approaching

Precise planning is essential to ensure a scheduled outage is completed on time and on budget. Months before your planned outage date, your team likely created a list of areas to address and any valves that aren’t performing at 100%. You’ve probably also identified goals and key performance indicators for your outage. It’s important to communicate these goals with your outage manager so they can work alongside you to ensure they leave your operation running at peak efficiency. Here’s what to expect when you schedule outage services with Industrial Valve.

Fast field maintenance and repairs, including milling, machining, resurfacing, drilling, stud removal, flange facing, line boring, packing/repacking. During your walk-through prior to the outage date, note any poorly performing valves, damaged connections, or air leaks. This will help us plan the actual work to be performed. Industrial Valve also performs what we call “discovery work,” which includes the unanticipated repairs we discover during an outage. Industrial Valve has a perfect record of completing this add-on work within the original outage schedule.

Pass/fail testing to ensure your plant stands up to scrutiny. With compliance regulations constantly evolving, it’s important to know the latest operating and safety standards. If Industrial Valve isn’t the team handling your outage, it’s a good idea to ask if your service agreement includes pass/fail testing for your entire facility in addition to testing valves already identified as needing repairs.

Quick turnaround and on-time delivery for our vast inventory of valves and actuators. During your outage, abnormalities should be documented along with the valve manufacturer, serial number, valve type, and size to enable easy replacement and repairs. We have a 78,000 square foot warehouse where we stock an array of parts for most major valve brands, including Farris, Consolidated, Crosby, and Anderson-Greenwood. Ask us about surplus valves and parts for discontinued valve models. Not sure what size you need? Just share your process data with us, and we’ll tell you which valves are compatible with your system.

Reduced downtime so you get back up and running quickly. Our Repair-by-Exchange process has never failed to meet a time frame set by a customer. We’ll supply a temporary valve to keep your operation running while we repair the part in our shop. While other companies offer this service, we believe our approach and level of service are unmatched.

Post-outage reports and recordkeeping to anticipate when it’s time for audits, routine maintenance, and testing. After the outage is completed and relevant valve repair and replacement information has been collected, a detailed report noting all work performed should be included in your records. If you’re still battling a paper trail of valve records, ask us about our Valve Management System for digital recordkeeping.

Unplanned outage? When the unexpected does happen, Industrial Valve can provide service and critical valve assembly components on short notice.

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