Our safety culture helps avoid accidents

According to OSHA, worker fatigue increases the likelihood of illness and injury, especially when shifts extend beyond the traditional workday.

Decreased alertness due to worker fatigue has been a contributing factor in a number of industrial disasters – including the nuclear accidents at Chernobyl and Three Mile Island! – but our commitment to safety is why Industrial Valve has never experienced a workplace disaster. 

Here’s how we ensure fatigue is never a factor at any of our work sites: 

  • A safety routine that includes regular communication between our managers and technicians
  • Proper preparation for working in hot environments (Read our blog post about keeping our teams safe in the summer heat)  
  • Our technicians are provided adequate downtime to recover from a long day in the field 
  • The most physically demanding jobs are scheduled at optimal times with respect to the season and time of day
  • Teams take scheduled breaks in safe areas, with plenty of shade

Our safety procedures ensure our teams are always alert and focused when providing mission-critical services and repairs. Call and tell us about your critical mission and how we can support you.

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