Preserving Integrity

Dust, oils, and airborne particles can infiltrate equipment and interfere with its functionality. To protect valves against this type of contamination, Industrial Valve has a state-of-the-art particle-free cleaning facility designed for cleaning to the most stringent of standards. 

Valves are disassembled, pre-cleaned, and inspected outside the cleaning area to protect our cleanroom from dust and chemical contamination.

When our technicians enter the cleanroom with the valves and/or parts, they are safety standard-compliant, wearing approved suits and respirator protection. Each valve is then tested in accordance with applicable standards, stamped, sealed, tagged, and hermetically sealed in a polyethylene bag, purged with nitrogen, and prepared for shipment to your facility.

Particle-Free Cleaning on the Road

We added another beneficial service to our wide array of field services: A fully-equipped cleaning trailer that can travel to your facility. It has the same capabilities offered in our stationary cleanroom facility, from process separation to trained and knowledgeable technicians.  

Our Particle-Free Guarantee

Only our specially trained valve technicians are allowed to enter our cleanroom. They, and therefore Industrial Valve, assume full responsibility for the integrity of your valve, from the moment it arrives for pre-cleaning until it’s packaged for return to you.

If you need particle-free oxygen or chlorine cleaning services, please contact us today.

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