Investment Recovery: Repurpose and Save Money

Industrial Valve’s Investment Recovery Program has helped companies offset the rising costs of valve repair and replacement. Large companies such as DuPont, International Paper, U.S. Steel, and BP Amoco have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in valve replacement costs by participating in our Investment Recovery Program.

The concept is simple: 

  • You gather all of your idle valves.
  • We come to your location(s) and document which valves can be refurbished. 
  • We transport the valves to our warehouse and inspect and store them in your inventory pool. 
  • When someone in your organization needs a valve, they can log in to the Investment Recovery portal to see what’s available in your pool. If a suitable valve is in your inventory pool, we make sure the valve becomes fully operational, tested and shipped to the appropriate location.

The greater the numbers of valves a company has accumulating in the pool, the more money they save.

We’ve Got Solutions 

Warehousing idle assets isn’t a good use of your space, time, or money. On top of that, the shelf life of certain valves is short, and they would have to be tested again to be in compliance with national board & ASME requirements. Let Industrial Valve lighten the load – we’re experts in valve repair and maintenance, and we have 78,000 square feet of warehouse space to store your inventory. Contact us today to ask about our Investment Recovery Program!

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