Why You Should Remove Condensate from Steam

In chemical processing plants and other facilities that rely on steam-generation, plant managers may be looking for ways to repurpose water and lower overall costs. The chemical treatment of feedwater and trying to preserve steam with condensate trapped in the pipes is costly. Trapped condensate also raises the risk of deadly and damaging accidents. 

If you want to reduce water waste, control chemical costs, and minimize risks for workers and equipment, condensate recovery needs to be a part of your process. 

How Condensate Cuts Costs

Feedwater and make-up water must be chemically treated and pre-heated before being added to a boiler. Condensate collected in steam traps is already hot – no need to pre-heat it. The steam processing system also removes all total dissolved solids (TDS) from condensate. So condensate is a pre-treated, recycled water source that reduces the need for fresh make-up water, lowers energy costs associated with water-heating, and reduces expenditures on water-treatment chemicals. 

With fewer impurities and solids entering the boiler, blowdown frequency and duration, and blowdown water volume-discharge, should decrease. Condensate recovery also reduces the volume of water discharged into drains, which should reduce sewage costs. 

Water Temperatures in Steam Processing

The condensate in vented steam processing systems reaches a maximum temperature of about 212°F. Pressurized steam systems produce much hotter condensate, and in greater volume, but these systems are more complex than vented systems. Additional components, such as pressure-relief valves, are essential for the safe and efficient operation of pressurized steam systems.

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