Valve Reconditioning: An Affordable Alternative to Replacement

When a valve is covered in rust, mineral scale, or a thick layer of oily buildup, you might think it’s too run-down to be reliable. With a thorough reconditioning, however, old valves can function just as well as they did years ago.  

Here are a few reasons to consider valve reconditioning:

It lowers your inventory cost. Reconditioning existing inventory is always more affordable than adding new inventory. You might even be able to recondition valves that have been sitting idle for several seasons. 

It doesn’t take long. Experienced technicians can recondition a valve in a few business days. When you order a new valve (especially if it has to be custom-built), you may have to wait weeks or months for it to arrive.

The valve you have is ideal for your processes. If all of your processing components are working well together, why run the risk of disruptions? A new valve – even if it’s from the same manufacturer – may not fit seamlessly into your system. 

It only needs a new part. You wouldn’t get rid of your car if it had a dead battery, so why replace a valve that just needs a new O-ring or lock nuts?   

You might be better off spending the money elsewhere. The parts you can’t see (steam traps, for example) might be the ones that actually need to be replaced. During a planned outage, you could send your valve off for reconditioning and conduct a thorough inspection of your processing equipment to determine whether any components should be replaced. 

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Not sure whether your valve can be reconditioned? Just ask! At Industrial Valve, reconditioning is a large part of what we do. Our expert technicians will disassemble and inspect your valve, clean it thoroughly, and recalibrate and test it. Most reconditioning takes less than a week (and in some cases, only 48 hours). If your valve truly is beyond repair, we can help you find a replacement in our large inventory of new and surplus valves.

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