Product Highlight: Flow-Tek Series M4

Industrial Valve carries several products for severe-service environments, including Flow-Tek Series M4 ball valves from Bray. These quarter-turn valves are suitable for power plant steam vents and drains, and isolation or blowdown of steam, water, and other fluids.

Series M4 valves have a ball and seat that are 360° mate-lapped to create a spherical interface and are composed of/coated in the same material, so the ball and seat expand at the same rate during thermal cycling. CNC-machined alignment of the body, bracket, and stem prevents side-to-side motion, and 2-forged, heavy-walled unibody construction eliminates any potential for shell leakage. 


Following is an overview of Flow-Tek Series M4 specifications. (For more details, please visit our product page where you can download the product manual and brochure).

Ball Materials

  • 410 SS/HVOF Chromium Carbide2 Inconel® 718/Fused Chromium Carbide

Bore Sizes

  • 0.63″
  • 1.03″
  • 1.56″

Body Materials

  • A105
  • A182-F22 Cl.3
  • A182-F91

End Connections

  • SW per ASME B16.11
  • BW per ASME B16.25

Pressure Ratings

  • 1700
  • 3100
  • 4500

Seat Materials

  • 410 SS/HVOF Chromium Carbide2 Inconel® 718/HVOF Chromium Carbide


  • On/off
  • Zero-leakage

Installation and Maintenance 

These valves must be flushed of any debris before installation. The valve should be positioned so that primary sealing occurs at the lower-pressure end. 

When welding, make sure the temperature of the valve body does not exceed 1100°F. (Flow-Tek forbids post-weld heat treatment in a kiln; only localized PWHT is allowed). 

Flow-Tek Series M4 valves are designed for longevity but do require regular preventative maintenance in accordance with Flow-Tek’s specified pressure, corrosion, and temperature parameters. 

Ask About Flow-Tek Series M4 Valves

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